The Return of the Life Drawing Salons

Is there anything better than really immersing yourself in a workshop? Time seems to stand still while you work away on a project that’s simply for the pleasure of creative problem-solving. We invite you to experience some real ‘me time’ and spend the next 2 weekends with us, drawing to your heart’s content. In our beautiful light-filled and cosy studio, use our easels and set yourself up for long sessions of life drawing, with both short and long poses. Presented by The Life Model’s Society, you can be assured of professional and experienced models and excellent working conditions. Details below.

Life Models’ Society Winter Salons
Sat 26, Sun 27 June and Sat 3, Sun 4 July

With 4 sessions over 2 weekends, you can take your time and create some life drawing masterpieces! Book for one session or all for an immersive experience.
Book online here.

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